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June 19, 2018



Victor Valley Community College District is accessible to all people in the community who seek growth and can benefit from its programs, courses, and activities. Victor Valley College's educational, civic, social, and cultural programs are designed to meet the needs of individual students and the community as a whole.


The mission of Victor Valley Community College is three-fold:

To enable students to succeed and to develop competence through academic and vocational instruction at the lower division college level. This instruction will lead to the granting of certificates and degrees as well as transfer to other institutions;

To contribute to community and state-wide economic growth and competitiveness through vocational and technical instruction leading to employment, continuing education, student support services, adult non-credit instruction, and instruction in basic skills and English as a Second Language;

To foster personal development and life-long learning through culturally enriching programs and activities for the expanding learning community.

Victor Valley Community College is a learning organization that is committed to

  • verified student learning success,
  • instructional and institutional innovation and excellence,
  • systematic self-evaluation and improvement,
  • learning-centered planning and allocating of resources,
  • respect and civility in personal conduct,
  • integrity and collaboration among students, staff, faculty and administrators,
  • active and responsible citizenship,
  • equality of access,
  • understanding and appreciation of diversity, and
  • responding to community employment needs.


At Victor Valley College, students enjoy a positive and warm learning environment on a modern campus that blends beauty and tranquility in a park-like atmosphere.  A beautiful lake at the center of campus serves as a focal point for contemplation and for student activities.

In recent years, the Victor Valley College campus has grown and changed, adding important new facilities and transforming several buildings to provide more effective use of space.  In the near future, a $17 million technology building will be added, and other buildings are in the planning stages.  The College prides itself on remaining current in all aspects of technology.

Victor Valley College has earned its reputation for academic leadership, educational excellence and innovation through hard work and dedication to student success.  The secret of its success can be found in its award-winning faculty, dedicated and friendly staff, superior curriculum, nationally recognized occupational programs, and outstanding student services and special programs.

Simply put, at Victor Valley College everything is based on one primary foundation: "The Student Is Always First!"



  • The College maintains its primary focus at all times – Student learning and success – through student-friendly programs and services.
  • The College offers a diverse array of excellent programs and services in state-of-the-art facilities...
  • The College enjoys a highly skilled and loyal faculty and staff who are constantly engaged in innovative program development...
  • The College is located in a very large geographic area and is the principal postsecondary institution serving as the educational center of the area...
  • The College is fortunate to have had strong community support throughout its 43-year history, symbolized currently by an active and dynamic Foundation and many ties with business and industry...
  • The College has strong ties with surrounding four-year higher education institutions...
  • The College’s financial resources are well managed.
  • The College has been in a period of rapid expansion, mirroring the area it serves, and is planning for continuing growth in the future...


Victor Valley College is located in the High Desert region of southern California in the Victor Valley on the north side of the San Gabriel Mountains. It is centrally located near the two major cities and one large town it serves – Victorville, Hesperia, and the Town of Apple Valley. The District also includes the towns of Phelan, Lucerne Valley, Adelanto and Wrightwood.

The average temperature in the Victor Valley is 75 degrees, and the average day is sunny with clear blue skies.  The College is surrounded on all sides be the beauty of mountains and rock-strewn western hills.  Nearby, residents and visitors can experience mountain skiing during the season, water activities in several beautiful lakes, and the vast desert's multitude of recreational opportunities.  The area is a short distance from the ocean, other southern California attractions, and the city of Las Vegas.

The Victor Valley is also a vibrant new frontier of economic development, abundant and affordable housing, job opportunities, and expansive growth.  With its close ties to the community, Victor Valley College serves as the educational center of the area.


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